Union Shop Promotion???

臨近sem尾,相信大家都有要黎福利品部到買筆買post-it買file整notes溫final,仲可能想搵d reference睇睇,所以我地決定推出個限定優惠比大家!wowwww

我地推出左兩款福袋($50同$80),入面除左有係大家常用既文具,仲有機會抽中電腦袋同USB拖板,重點係比50蚊就有機會抽到價值180蚊既jumbo福袋呀!!??(細聲講:買$80福袋中jumbo set既機會係$50既兩倍哦~~?)快d睇抽個福袋,睇下自己有冇運啦!
註一:$50蚊福袋——價值保證係$70,特別set仲超過$100,當中包括價值$180既jumbo set;$80蚊福袋——價值保證係$,特別set仲超過$,當中亦包括價值$180既jumbo set



Check out the promotion offered by the CUSU now!

1. Lucky bags
Have you ever thought of spending $50 to buy $80-thing? Have you ever thought of spending $50 to buy $180-thing? It’s the case in our lucky bags! We offer you two lucky bags with 2 prices to choose, aoart from the basic stationery we all need, laptop bags and USB+socket plugbars are also included (see if you’re lucky enough! 😛)
p.s.1 $50 lucky bag – guaranteed $70, may have chances to pick lucky bags that value $100 or even $180; $80 lucky bags – guaranteed $100, may have chances to pick luck bags that value >$180 (note that the chance of picking the $180 one is DOUBLED in $80 lucky bags)
p.s.2 please look for our staffs directly if you want to purchase luck bags
p.s.3 Cash coupon cannot be used in purchasing lucky bags

2. Free second-hand books
From now to 23 Dec, students can come to take second-hand books for FREE! We have got a lot of reference books that are a bit outdated but still in good conditions, we hope to reduce waste and see if you find any books fit you!
p.s.1 Every student can only take 5 books at maximum
p.s.2 Students have to show their student card for registration

3. Cash coupon
From now to 30 Nov, any purchase of $30 items will have a $5-coupon return while any purchase of $100 items will have a $20-coupon return!